Our Vision

iLearn4Free is dedicated to bridging the Digital Language Divide and supporting cultural sustainability by creating educational applications for mobile phones in multiple languages.

iLearn4free believes that education is the foundation of an advancing society. By focusing on early literacy we can provide a platform for a quality education. Literacy opens the door to development and growth in both the individual and the community.

Mobile learning can be a outlet for providing children across the globe with easily accessible educational opportunities. iLearn4Free believes that if we want to address the digital divide between the Western world and the developing world, we should not only be developing applications in English, but in many other languages as well so that children all over the world can learn to read in their native language. Mother tongue learning supports and promotes the diversity of language and culture.

Bridging the digital language divide is not merely a problem ready to be solved; it is an opportunity ready to be seized.

Mercy Care Centre students in Nairobi engaging with iLearn4free learning games