Culture is made up of  language, beliefs, values, art, history, architecture and traditions. Culture lends a sense of community to the individuals within, giving them a firm identity and group to belong to. Unique cultures exist everywhere, from villages in developing nations, to Western neighborhoods and inner-ity slums. Every culture deserves the right to flourish and develop, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Cultures are disappearing, and at a fast rate. As mainstream languages continue to spread, humankind is losing a language every two two weeks.

Education has a large role in creating a world that is culturally sustainable. Educational systems such as schools and colleges contribute largely to cultural sustainability by providing citizens with the tools they need to keep their culture alive, such as problem solving skills, critical thinking skills and the ability to effectively  communicate with their peers.

Language is the cornerstone of a culture’s identity. iLearn4free’s application supports cultural sustainability by providing digital education tools to children in their native language, strengthening their sense of identity and allowing them to connect with their cultural heritage. With the right mindset and education, we can help the next generation pave the way to a culturally sustainable world.

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