Due to the vitality of Papiamento, a language spoken by the locals of Aruba, iLearn4Free has decided to make a Papiamento version of m4read, to teach children how to read and enjoy their Aruban heritage.

Aruba has a total population of around 100,000 citizens, who are  known for their multilingualism and speak a combination of Dutch, Spanish, English and Papiamento — the native language.  Over 70% of Arubans speak fluent Papiamento, a melange of every language spoken in the region, which has been pass down through many generations. While the first official language of Aruba is Dutch, Papiamento is considered the language of the locals and a second official language. Authorities are currently debating its use in school systems.

iLearn4Free will collaborate with the Papiamente Foundation,  established in 2004. Liliana Erasmus, a co-founder of the foundation,  will spearhead the foundation’s connection with iLearn4Free. The mission of the Papiamento Foundation is to create a book-loving island, by promoting reading for pleasure through reading promotion campaigns, literary events and book publications, fostering a positive environment for enthusiastic readers.