Today is Worldwide Social Business Day!

Initiated on June 28, 2010, Social Business Day celebrates Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus’ visionary business model: instead of focusing on monetary profits, social companies strive to maximize social and environmental benefits. Held at the Yunus Centre in Bangladesh, this year’s event will feature workshops, expert panels and a talk by Professor Yunus, which will also be broadcast live at

As a non-profit committed to cultural sustainability and social change through mobile education, iLearn4Free couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity to honor Professor Yunus’ transformative ideas. With our M4Read literacy app to be developed in multiple languages, we hope to make significant contributions to the sustainability and welfare of minorities worldwide. By supporting native language learning through mobile devices, iLearn4Free will be instrumental in fighting poverty and helping to build strong communities.

To learn more about Social Business Day and the values that inspire it, go to

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