Creative Team

Isabelle Duston, the founder of iLearn4Free, has an M.B.A. from ESCP Europe and has founded several startups. She is a French polyglot living in Virginia. Isabelle envisioned the idea behind iLearn4Free after the success of the iCooking and iStory applications she created with her international company, Apps of All Nations.

Todd Sherman, the organization’s Project Manager, has worked on similar projects with The Learning Company, Edmark, and Curriki. Designing learn-to-read applications since 1996, Todd’s credits include Reader Rabbit 2, Let’s Go Read, Stories and More, WordPop! and iPad books for Todd believes learning to read is the best way to break the poverty cycle.

Janika Carey, the iLearn4Free Content Editor, holds a B.A. in English with a focus on journalism and creative non-fiction. Before moving to the U.S. in 2005, the German native majored in American Studies at Humboldt-University in Berlin. A freelance writer, editor and translator, Janika is inspired by the passion and drive of the iLearn4Free team, and is excited to promote cultural sustainability through digital education tools.

Manuela Pentangelo our graphic designer and illustrator. An Italian native, Manuela illustrates children’s books and games in a distinctive and original style. She has 16 published children’s books and animated books in the U.S. and Italy. Her work has now crossed over into the technological field after having illustrated 3 games for Australian iPhone game designer Mogeneration. Manuela currently lives in Milan, Italy.

Aaron D. Michaelis Borsay is the iLearn4Free in-house programmer. Aaron has a B.S. in Computer Science and teaches Information Technology at Miller-Motte Technical College. A freelance web programmer, Aaron is a lover of all things related to computers, music, culture, and writing. As a first generation Hungarian, Aaron understands the importance of one’s native language.

Ana Zivick an iLearn4Free graphic designer, has lived in Russia, Romania, Portugal and Belgium, and traveled to several other countries, including Australia, the Maldives and Singapore. In 2007, the Portuguese native decided to settle in the U.S. Aside from graphic design, Ana also has experience in ISO auditing and project management.