The iLearn4Free reading application, M4Read, is designed to be fun, exciting, and to instill confidence in children around the world as they learn to read. The program in English is comprised of 30 to 35 units, depending on the language, with each unit focusing on a specific phonemic skill. Each unit consists of games and stories that will be easy for children to navigate independently, but are not intended as a surrogate for the teacher.

Research and Learning Method

Our scientific, research-based reading materials and activities are modeled on the “Big Five” focus areas recommended by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development: phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. We aim to motivate children to tackle the challenges of learning new sounds and recognize new words as they play interactive games and stories.

The Four M4Read Components

Learn: Each unit includes 3 of the 15 m4read Learning games, specially tailored to teach and review the unit skills and helper words. These games include word completion, word sorting, word matching, sound matching, memory tests and more. Units also feature a mini-story, which implement phonemics learned in that unit and review components from previous units.

Reward: In each game, the user will win a point for each correct answer made. A certain number of points is required to move on to the next unit, but the points can also be used for fun reward activities that act as motivators. These reward activities include decorating and adding fish to Chico’s fish tank, decorating Kikou’s bedroom, collecting fruit to feed Akilah’s monkey, buying insects for Kikou’s bug collection, buying new clothes for Nirali, running an obstacle course with Karim’s horse, and taking care of Manuel’s coati.

Stories: Listen to the six stories that provide the context for M4Read. These stories take place in six different cultures with six different characters, or heroes, that the user can relate to. These stories provide the characters and settings for the different learning games in each unit.

Result: The users and parents can track progress, as M4Read provides a summary of skills acquired, units completed and points accrued to motivate the user to move forward and gain new skills.