The M4Read Learning games will allow the child to sharpen the skills they are learning using exploration and trial and error. Each game will take place in one of the six story environments, and incorporate the story heroes. The tasks in the game will involve something the child has learned in the unit, from phonemic sounds to letter recognition. However, the tasks will always be presented as something the user needs to do in order to help one of the six characters.

A few examples:

Help Chico free the mermaid by completing the words with missing letters.

Choose the correct word for each picture to get bananas for Akilah’s monkey.

Help Nirali feed the dog by determining whether the words include specific sounds.

Help Chico collect starfish by recognizing rhyming words.

Match the pictures to the corresponding words to complete Nirali’s shopping list.

Play a rhyming game to help Akilah catch coconuts for her monkey.

Help Kikou collect frogs by matching words with the correct sound.

Help Sam the cat find the correct letters for each word.

Sort the words to help Manuel clean up the mess the coati made in the classroom.

Karim is hungry. Save some food for when he returns by finding the word with the different sound.

Help Karim get home safely by choosing the correct letter.

Help Manuel by choosing the correct words to color the picture that the coati destroyed.

Help Chico play tic tac toe!

Akilah wants to see what animals are in the pond. Help her by choosing remembering where the matching words are!

Help Pariah take a bath by finding the words in the bubbles.

Karim is thirsty. Help him get to the oasis for a drink by completing the maze.

The M4Read learning games provide an effective and enjoyable way for children to learn and practice their reading skills.