The team developing M4Read is  aware of the importance of allowing the children to relate to the heroes of the games, and we expect our future users to have very heterogeneous origins. Since we believe that it is important to introduce our young readers to the wonderful diversity of our planet, we have written six stories, each highlighting a hero from a different culture. We have tried to avoid any offending topics or religious related affiliations. The heroes in our stories are young children curious about the world, nature, and animals, who also believe in friendship and caring for others.
The six M4Read Stories:

So let us introduce you to the six heroes and their story-lines, which will give you the context of M4Read:

NiraliOn her way to dance class, Nirali befriends a stray dog and brings him home to meet her family. Although her family is unenthusiastic about their new houseguest, they allow him to stay. When the new dog becomes an unexpected hero, Nirali’s family learns the value of acceptance and generosity.
ManuelWhen Manuel rescues a small injured coati, his teacher and classmates decide to keep the tiny animal in the classroom while it recovers. Just when the class thinks they know all there is to knowabout coatis, their furry new friend teaches them the biggest lesson of all: some animals are better left in the wild.
AkilahAkilah lives in a small, happy village in equatorial Africa. Her brothers and father have left for the day and Akilah is feeling lonely. While running an errand at the local market for her mother, Akilah makes a new and unexpected friend.
KikouWhile helping out at her grandparent’s farm in rural China, Kikou gets to learn about a variety of wildlife, and the way in which each animal is connected to one another. Finding nature fascinating, Kikou makes a big decision about what she wants to be when she grows up.
KarimKarim’s father gives him a beautiful, brave black horse named Sidi Lakdar. Together, Karim and Sidi Lakdar go on an adventure that takes them far outside the walls of the city and deep into the Arabian desert, where Karim learns a valuable lesson about responsibility.
ChicoAn adventurous day at the beach becomes a lesson in friendship and caring, as young Chico must use both his head and his heart to help his new friend, a lovely little mermaid. A wonderful story about acceptance and kindness.